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  1. Barry says:

    I had a question about using major image and illusory reality (level 14 school of illusion wizard), so here’s the picture, you see a spell caster of some sort, you cast major image as your action to create let’s say plate armor on your enemy then use your bonus action with illusory reality to make it real, the idea is most spell casters lack the proficiency with heavy armors, so with that they would get the disadvantages of wearing plate armor, disadvantage on ability checks, saving throws, attack rolls that involve str and dex, oh yeah and can’t cast spells. Would this work in D&D 5E AL?

  2. Gothstaff says:

    how can I get emails from these most awesome posts? I used to be subscribed, but once wordpress changed from having the whole article posted to just certain # of characters and ending in “…” and having to follow the link, I decided to unsubscribe, has that changed?

    • Zoltar says:

      Mighty Gothstaff
      I’ve reactivated the subscribe button, you can tind on bottom left column (desktop) or (mobile) click on the magnify lens icon and scroll down before “Follow me”
      Could you update me if it is working and is it ok?

      Thank you so much

  3. Nawe says:

    Hey I was wondering for the Beast Master UA, it says there “For each level you gain after 3rd, your animal companion gains an additional hit die and increases its hit points accordingly.”

    Does the gain refer to your character level? or level invested into the ranger level?

  4. Justin Vang says:

    I have a question about the magical ambush ability for Arcane Tricksters, how would you set up the “hidden” feature to it, to be able to use it. Please go into as much detail as possible if you can. I also would like to know the rules of “hide” on this ability as well. thank you!

  5. Omni says:

    I have a question about angels in dnd. In the MM it says angels can fall and can also be redeemed? Since there is no official outlined path for the redemption of a celestial being I was wondering what could be some possible ways for it to happen.

  6. Jared Searl says:

    Using the rules for Grapple.
    If a Roper hits with the Tendril part of its multi-attack, can it lift the target 50 ft, and let go in the same Tendril attack? Which would leave the target prone and give the Roper advantage on the following attacks.

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