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  1. dagarmanspartan says:

    Question. Very early in the 1980s days of original D&D, there was an adventure module that featured some sort of “Dimension Dog” that supposedly existed in the dimensional vortex, the void between all living things. Can anyone recall which module that was? Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. TheMightyBoolean says:

    Are there any established groups or organizations of dwarves and gnomes that deal with engineering and mechanisms? I have a PC in my campaign that insists on using firearms and I wanted a gnome or dwarf NPC to notice and take interest in reproducing their design.

  3. Alex says:

    New to the scene and am wondering about a character build:
    To sum up this likely bad choice for first character:
    She is a human cleric and daughter of a witch.
    The witch sacrifices her before she turned 17 to be bound to a wooden puppet as a slave.
    She escapes yet is sworn to kill her to allow her spirit to rest, it would be 15 years after the event.
    (closest comparison I find is a scarecrow and a reverent)

    She is still able to heal as long as her wooden body is able to. If the wooden figure is destroyed, she reverts to her ghost form yet is to remain withing range of her body, unable to interact with the physical world till the vessel is able to repair itself.
    I assume if her spirit is killed, she is truly dead.

    This is a complex character if i have seen one, is she even possible in the game or not possible to be a starter character?

  4. Brandon Criddle says:

    Hey so I need to figure out how I can perform a soul binding ritual on a dagger with my character. It’s a pretty intense dagger and I need to make sure my character can survive the ritual. But I guess the main question is, what would I have to do to perform said ritual?

  5. Orcatrix says:

    I’ve got a complicated line of questions here regarding the Suggestion spell and saves in general with which I could use some sage advice:

    1. When a creature makes a saving throw, can it willingly fail the save? For instance in the case of a wisdom save against a spell, can a creature choose not to resist and automatically fail the save?

    2. With the Suggestion spell, a creature that fails a save against the spell wouldn’t know they were under the effects unless they were told about it right?

    3. If I use the Suggestion spell on a creature, that creature cannot perform any acts that would directly harm itself, but do only damaging effects count as directly harmful, or would saves against non-damaging spells also be considered harmful?

    4. If a creature is under the effects a suggestion spell, and they aren’t aware that they are, does this mean that they believe they came up with the activity or action required by the spell or are they just following a mind control-like impulse?

    5. Can you influence a creatures active beliefs about something they’re perceiving, or would that “not make sense” according to the spell description? For instance if a creature sees the color red, could I word suggestion like: “If you see the color red, you interperet that color is blue instead?” Or does that not fall into the category of action or activity?

    Sorry for the wall of text and thank you for your time.

  6. dennis dufour jr says:

    In combat, does a creature submerged underwater gain any sort of cover or advantage from opponents that are not
    also submerged?

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