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Hey Matt, nice to get to talk with you again (in some form at least). I’ve got two quick questions here regarding your classes since I’m still poking through all the lore of Tal’dorei.
I noticed the Juggernaut doesn’t have a size limiter on Thunderous Blows. For example, it could totally be used to move Thordak so long as he failed his save. Pretty cool, probably not broken in any way, I just wanted to ask if that was intentional (I REALLY want to use the Juggernaut)
What was your inspiration for making the classic blood mage a cleric? I’d have thought that because sorcerers are commonly described as having arcane blood that a blood mage would be best suited for them. I’m actually a fan of your approach since it allows blood magic to more easily be helpful to a party and I have a fondness for blood mages no matter what (don’t tell the Chantry please).
EDIT: Quick final question, but pretty much every DM I know uses “How do you want to do this?” in their games now. In one word, how does that make you feel?Hey bud!
1) That is correct! Its one of the major benefits of the path, though larger creatures sometimes are less effected by a small 5 ft push. 2) A Blood Mage is still totally viable, and possible! I was less replacing it with a Cleric, and more designing from the lore and history of the Blood Hunter class I had developed, while considering the macabre significance that blood has in MANY historical religious rites. Blood is power in many practices of faith, so I figured it could be a cool place to explore for Clerics.
3) It’s surreal, man. Genuinely. A silly phrase that just naturally grew out of my home games now being used by others. Honored. Weird. Surreal.Comment
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