Paladin 3/Ranger 5 caster level ⌊3/2+5/2⌋=4 or ⌊3/2⌋+⌊5/2⌋=3?

2 thoughts on “Paladin 3/Ranger 5 caster level ⌊3/2+5/2⌋=4 or ⌊3/2⌋+⌊5/2⌋=3?

  1. Cristof says:

    The Paladin 5 / Ranger 1 example would not loose 2nd level spell slots because the Ranger levels only count “once you have the spellcasting feature from more than one class” (PHB 164) Rangers and Paladins only gain the spellcasting class feature at 2nd level.

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