How come no one told me that all of the player’s handouts for Tomb of Annihilation were available as PDFs?

Will Xanathar’s Guide to Everything be closer to Volo’s Guide to Monsters?

What other tabletop/table games do you enjoy playing in your off-time?

CommentSalutations, Mikey-boy!
What other tabletop/table games do you enjoy playing in your off-time?My wife plays lots of board games, so we have a number of two-player games in our rotation:
LotR: The Confrontation
Battle Line
Lost Cities
Pecking Order
A few others we play: * Ticket to Ride * Carcasonne * Puerto Rico * Dominion
For more hobby game stuff: * X-Wing miniatures game * Battletech * Car Wars * Ogre * Arkham Horror * Elder Sign
I used to be a huge Warhammer 40k player and collector.
For RPGs, I’ve played the following in the past year, in addition to D&D: * 13th Age * Dungeon World * Numenera * Call of Cthulhu * Descent
RPGs have been a little thin lately, due to D&D playtesting.
I own and really want to play: * Battle Lore 2e * Combat Commander * Fire in the Lake * Twilight Struggle * Mage Knight board game * Eldritch Horror * Commands & Colors: Ancients from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, Co-Designer of D&D 5, Head of D&D R&D.

Do any entities hold jurisdiction over the various waters and coasts of Eberron?

The key to writing for any intelligent, evil monster is…

My warlock wants to prevent world ending events but just learned his patron is actually Tharizdun…