Open Hand Technique feature to stop Shield

If an Open Hand Monk hits a creature with the shield spell prepared and uses it's Open Hand Technique feature to stop it from using reactions until the end of the Monk's next turn, would the creature be able to cast shield to cancel the attack?

One thought on “Open Hand Technique feature to stop Shield

  1. D. Walker says:

    Open Hand Technique requires you to successfully hit a creature before the effects take hold.

    An attack you make doesn’t actually “hit” until the spellcaster either chooses to cast Shield, or decides not to. It’s similar to how an “Interrupt” effect works in Magic: The Gathering.

    To put it simply, you make an attack that is about to hit, the spellcaster has a split second to use their reaction on Shield. If they choose to use it, the Shield goes off BEFORE you’ve hit them.

    Otherwise, you simply hit them, and only THEN does the Open Hand Technique effect begin to apply.

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