UA Ranger – Question and Answers day 2



Today will continue all Q&A about the new Unearthed Arcana Ranger that you can find here:

There’s a lot of buzz about this new playtest class and I apologize if you love Monk or Sorcerer.

your humble zoltar sage 

One thought on “UA Ranger – Question and Answers day 2

  1. My opinion as a DM without having my players playtested the UA Ranger (Difficult as both of my groups are at lvl 11 and the UA Ranger only goes to lvl 5). The power-gamer fighter and the assassin rogue in my groups would dip one level into ranger just for Ambuscade. It’s that good. I would say swap Ambuscade and Skirmisher’s Stealth but that might make lvl 1 underwhelming and level 2 downright amazing. Which puts my constructive suggestions at a net value of 0. 🙂

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