Move, warlock weapon and charisma

During a PC’s round he moves 10 feet and he decides to jump on an object (tall table in this instance) in order to hit an opponent above the table. The table’s height was above the jumping ability of the character as it described in players handbook page 182. Since this is not a normal deduction from his movement rate, would you consider asking a full action in order the jump to be made or would you simply considered it difficult terrain, allowing the jump to be made with a dice effort (eg athletics) and ask the movement to be difficult terrain?
A fellow Dungeon master ruled in his table that magical weapons that do not have a + value (eg long sword+1) do not count as “magical” when we resolve a resistance to non magical weapons. So if a monster has resistance to non magical slashing weapons while a sword+1 would qualify to do normal damage, a sword of wounding would not. Your approach on the matter?
Certain effects like warlock’s elemental affinity allow your modifiers to be added on the damage of the spell. What happen when the spell has multiple sources like ray of fire? Would the +X where X is the charisma modifier in this case would apply in every ray or on a ray of the player character’s choice?
Mighty Alexander
I consider it difficult terrain with dice effort.
Magical weapons are magical so can fully damage creatures that have resistance to non magic weapons.
You add your +cha to only one ray as you can read here:

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