Mind Flayers, dmsguild, Forgotten Realms and Eberron

Comment You did a couple videos on mind flayers recently, can we expect their daelkyr ties to come up in a future product about them & their cousins?

what are the reasons for restricting dmsguild submissions to forgotten realms & are there any plans to change that in 2018?

Back in previous editions, some of the monster manuals and such had frequent sidebars about how creatures are different or unique in specific settings, but 5e seems to have gone full bore on forgotten realms & forgotten realms only. Does this mean that we might see some setting specific monster manuals and such in print?

A lot of what’s been said about eberron in podcasts & interviews gives the feeling that there is a desire to just turn it into a pulpy forgotten realms, but that knife cuts both ways. If eberron is to be linked to Forgotten realms by say… a Lolth’s portal from underdark (two things not in eberron) or spelljammer style ships, how much thought is given to the (likely successful) colonization efforts of faerun from the more advanced & organized khorvairan nations likely to make the spanish & english empires look like armatures as they carve up & elevate faerun?

mikemearls18 points20 days ago
That would be in an Eberron-specific thing, but we would think of them on a more cosmic basis

We wanted to keep things focused, and are planning to add more settings in the future. No date yet.

Setting-specific monsters would appear in a setting product. Monsters in our rulebooks thus far are aimed at the general multiverse.

Eberron is much harder to reach than other worlds. There have been some incursions from other worlds on a very limited basis, but otherwise few entities know of it. It’s almost as if something has tried to hide it away from the rest of the multiverse… from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

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