Matt Mercer Class/Post-Death Option: The Lingering Soul v1.1

Lord Matthew Mercer has designed a strange class/post-death option for 5eIt can allow the continued play of a beloved character when resurrection is unavailable.


An Optional Class or Death Alternative for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

v1.1 Update

  • Fixed a number of spelling and usage mistakes!
  • Tied Secondary Saving Throws to your Phantom Calling choice for balance.
  • Clarified that Spirit Binding is indefinite once bound, only changing when the bound creature or object is destroyed.
  • Added clarification on some rules regarding Consume Enchantment.
  • Added clarification on when Pervade the Fallen ends and destroys the corpse.
  • Replaced lvl 19 Spectral Transformation with the standard Ability Score Improvement and added it as a Spirit Guardian lvl 15 ability.
  • Altered “Ravage Soul” for balance purposes (closer to as intended).
  • Adjusted damage on the Wraith’s Scything Claw.
  • Lessened the Spirit Guardian’s Savior Spirit aura to balance with having a new lvl 15 Ability.

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