You know what should get a gritty Netflix reboot? The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

2 thoughts on “You know what should get a gritty Netflix reboot? The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

  1. Heck just a new cartoon not a reboot. I’ve always thought that D&D should have a live action TV show. Heck is Xena and Herc could do theirs with that level of cheese then a D&D live action, especially on Netflix, would be a smash. Well, I guess it depends on the writers too. 🙂

  2. TabascoSlacksMcGee says:

    I’d say just a hard Reboot, young teens get sent to another world.
    Hank, the Ranger-Not often we see a Ranger lead a party, would make sense if he got survival and tracking skills.
    Eric, the Cavalier-Straight up make the guy a Paladin already. Still have him use the shield, just charge and bash his foes.
    Diana, the Acrobat-I don’t know what module has ‘acrobat’ a class so just make her a Monk, probably a Chi Monk and make her an anime fan.
    Presto, the Magician- always need a wizard probably with the aptly named ‘prestidigitation’ as his cantrip(weak spell that can always be used)
    Sheila, the Thief-Rouge works well enough for Dungeoneering and disarming traps and stealing….ohhh make her steal a lot!
    Bobby, the Barbarian- Straight up just make Bobby a little girl and keep the barbarian thing, it’d be hilarious to have a little girl be a violent fighter and the only real Tank aside from the Paladin and the only one dealing serious damage. Bonus points for being overly violent arrogant and maniacal when it comes to non-lethal combat.

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