Magic Missile: Do you roll the same d4 for all darts?

8 thoughts on “Magic Missile: Do you roll the same d4 for all darts?

      • Oh hi Mark.
        That not true Mark. If that was the vase there would be zero need for any more than a single dart and zero need for higher level castings.

    • By your own logic, Mark, Fireball divides up its damage among all of the creatures in the blast. But obviously that’s not the case, because the spells are very clear on how they function and Jeremy’s ruling only clarifies that.

      There’s no need to multiply anything, because you’re dealing with one dart at a time. But the spell creates multiple darts, so each dart does the same damage (RAW). If you’re going to be pedantic at least do it right.

  1. addisonbleu says:

    RAW say “If a spell or other effect deals damage to more than
    one target AT THE SAME TIME, roll the damage once for
    all o f them.”

    Magic missiles deal damage separately and they would rarely hit at exactly the same time; hence, separate rolls per misslie. Also if they all hit the same target, roll separately because they are not dealing damage to more than one target even if they hit at the same time.

  2. Matt Jones says:

    So, let’s say you cast MM at 1st level. You roll 1d4+1. You end up rolling a 3. 3+1 is 4. Each dart is going into the same target. So, does that mean that the target receives 12 damage?

    • Kad says:

      Yes, it would. Each of the three darts will deal the damage you rolled, in this case 4. If all three darts hit the same target, that target would suffer 4 damage three time, for a total of 12 damage.

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