Magic Missile 3 bolts. +3 per bolt or flat +3?

3 thoughts on “Magic Missile 3 bolts. +3 per bolt or flat +3?

  1. Can we get a clarification on the latter part of that ruling. Despite this being about the bonus for the evocation bonus damage, the way the second part is being phrased has at least one DM thinking that now magic missile is to be rolled as 1d4+x damage, and each missile is applied the same damage die as the single roll, as well as spells like scorching ray being a single 2d6 roll applied multiple times.

    • Zoltar says:

      Heroic Justin
      I’ve updated a little the tweet conversation, maybe could help, if not, Master Jeremy is the only who can answer.

  2. Alex says:

    will look forward to updates, I have seen spells like eldritch blast benefit from this because they have multiple attack rolls, this will be the first time I’ve noticed a single attack getting bonus per bolt.

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