Is the Arcane Archer meant to be missing a 10th level feature?

3 thoughts on “Is the Arcane Archer meant to be missing a 10th level feature?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Oi vey, again with the obtuse devs…

    The question essentially boils down to, “Isn’t the 10th level power gain for Arcane Archers a bit too weak, compared to other subclasses?”.

    They’re not -literally- suggesting a feature is missing, they’re just making the figurative point that the bonus at that level seems a bit lacking, almost as if it was meant to be paired with some other minor bonus that isn’t there.

    • Ben Reilly says:

      That’s not how you spell “oy vey”, for one, dude.

      For another, if you acknowledge that the person posing the question should’ve asked a different question entirely, then you should also acknowledge that the “obtuse” dev was answering the question the guy ACTUALLY asked, which is how human beings communicate.

      • I see you both are right, do not need to insult devs. Or each other.
        I can understand why a person can (and should) be frustrated with an answer. And no its NOT how communication works. Human beings are able to understand nuances and meanings. Not always right, but they do. That divides us from machines for example.
        So it COULD be answered another way.
        From the other side, it only COULD be answered another way and Jeremy could have wanted more direct question BECAUSE a lot of things create troubles when answered or asked indirectly, especially on sageadvice. So, to remove inconveniences direct question>direct answer. Thats it.
        But it hurts to see how people can be instantly agressive. And I do not see why one or another of you refused to keep civil. You both really could.
        I am sorry for shitposting, but, I had to say so because I want to see community in a better light than offender>offended.

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