I really hate the treatment of orcs in the Tal’dorei Campaign Guide

7 thoughts on “I really hate the treatment of orcs in the Tal’dorei Campaign Guide

  1. I agree with Matt. Red Dragons are also sentient and 100% evil, but you don’t care because they are not humanoids. It is well established in WOC source material that Orcs are usually evil, so Matt is sticking with it. Take it up with the creators of D&D.

  2. Robbzilla says:

    I dislike how Sanjay is trying to place western values on Orcs. They aren’t acting the way HE sees as right, so they’re poorly written, or are some proxy for some nebulous minority. Orcs live by their own rules, not yours. Don’t assume to speak for them, as they don’t need your white-knight attempts. If you want soft little marshmallow orcs, follow Mr Mercer’s advice and introduce them. That’s the beauty of RPGs… you as DM can portray them any way you please.

  3. Will says:

    The fact that Sanjay is projecting that veiw on the orcs does show a type of racism , sympathetic or otherwise .It’s making a subjective view not based on the facts of how that culture truely is .Unwarrented sympathy can be just as offensive as aggression .

  4. Eric says:

    Dear Sanjay,

    How do you deal with conflict and death in your campaigns? After all Orcs are sentient creatures that have children, feelings, hopes and dreams. As do all sentient “creatures” in D&D.

    How do you rationalize what amounts to genocide every time your group gets together?

    I think you should stop contributing to the needless deaths of IMAGINARY creatures by having a campaign with no conflict.

    Perhaps if every creature in your world got a “basic income”? Perhaps the dragons should have their wealth redistributed to those in need?

    Please think of all the children left without parents by ruthless adventure! Just say “No” to ever playing the game again, Sanjay.

  5. Dumbest post I have ever seen. Why are you worried about what everyone else is doing or thinking with the campaigns THEY PERSONALLY RUN? Run yours the way you want. Have your High Elves climb in bed with Orcs and have em make beautiful elf/orc babies together and live happily ever after.

  6. Desdemona says:

    So much of this dude’s post is stupid. But What’s even stupider is that this vein of depiction of orcs isnt even new to DnD. Its honestly not very different to classic D&D orc lore. Violent, evil, and typically not inclined to diplomatic solutions or higher learning. If anything classic orcs had more of a racial stereotype as they weren’t neccisarily cursed but instead willfully following their gods command of violence.

    Orcs have been the “violent evil rapey brutes” for several editions of D&D in the forgotten realms lore most half orcs originate from rape, and they face stigma amid civilized races because of that, and the belief the child will turn out to be just as brutal. Having it be less willing and more a curse their race has to fight to overcome in my opinion sets up much better dramatic story beats and character arcs even for orc players. Heck if you think about it, classic orc culture exists like an exaggerated blend of Zulu and some other bantu descendant tribes of africa, and vikings. I dont see sanjay protesting that.

    And as the above poster noted, he isnt protesting chromatic dragons, undead, or any other sentient species that are less humanoid. I dont see him arguing Merrow rights or goblin rights even.

    And as a final point of note Mercer has repeatedly shown civilized pure blooded orcs and goblins, living free of their respective violent traditional cultures. Several times even showing them integrating well in Kryn society.

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