To what extent should passive checks be used for skills?

2 thoughts on “To what extent should passive checks be used for skills?

  1. I really really don’t like passive perception rules, low perception character are always surprised, high perception never. Enemy of pc group are never surprised because the dm rules that our adversary are always looking for trouble and hear the group

    • Jason Raper says:

      A “typical” group of enemies will have an average of 13 for passive perception or less. If your party is frequently unable to surprise the enemy it’s because of your tactics, very bad rolls, or trying to sneak up on an extraordinary enemy… The Passive Perception rules are one of the best rules in the game! The help me speed up the game so much when I run games! My trouble is that the DMs I play with don’t allow me to use them as often as I think they should, but that is their prerogative. I honestly believe it’s their lack of knowledge about the intent of passive skills. Why does every player have to make an athletics check to jump across a normal 5 foot wide pit when I have plenty of running space, and there is no rush, no danger, no rough terrain, or obstacles present? That’s a complete waste of my “fun” time at the gaming table! I only get to play a few hours a week to play D&D, don’t make me waste time rolling for unnecessary checks and waiting for the other players to make unnecessary checks!!!

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