How far along the team has come in reviewing the applications that were submitted

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I’ve included a bit of explanation with my questions, but if you want to skip that, I’ve bolded the questions themselves!

About a month ago, just before the inaugural PAX Unplugged show, Wizards of the Coast had posted a job opening for a brand new D&D Game Designer position for the first time in many years. Given the low turnover of positions on the D&D team, I can’t possibly fathom the number of applications you guys must have recieved. In fact, the position closed within 10 days of having been posted.

Can you share how far along the team has come in reviewing the applications that were submitted or when we might expect to find out who the newest member of the D&D creative team is? While I didn’t apply myself, I have a few friends who did that have been (somewhat) patiently keeping their fingers, toes, eyes, tentacles, and everything else imaginable crossed for any sort of news or updates and it’s come up as a topic of conversation in every session we’ve played since, either at the table or on Roll20.

Followup question, this one for me, as somebody who works in Recruiting/Staffing. How much sway do you, Jeremy, Chris Perkins, and the rest of the creative team personally have in the hiring decision for that role? With a company structured like WOTC/Hasbro is I can’t help but feel like there would be many redundant layers with non-essential screenings and HR interviews before a candidate ever even got to speak with you guys and your team.

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First question:

We actually broke the system. I think after 800 applicants, the job system literally couldn’t take any more. We are moving into the interview stage now. It’s possible if you missed the initial 800 spots then you might not hear anything back. Not sure the system logged anything beyond that.

HR screens resumes for relevant experience based on my guidelines, and then conducts an initial phone screen using criteria we created. The D&D team drives all of the targets for skills and creates the interview questions and format. It’s pretty streamlined, but it’s 100% based on what the D&D team wants and needs.from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

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