How does Battle Master Evasive Footwork works?

4 thoughts on “How does Battle Master Evasive Footwork works?

  1. You would most likely want to use evasive footwork when you are leaving the reach of an enemy to increase your chances of getting away unscathed from an opportunity attack…

  2. Stephen Enzor says:

    What happens if you chain your standard movement into a Dash?

    1) Use Evasive Footwork
    2) Take Standard Movement
    3) Dash (without breaking up your move with an attack — this is continuing your move in step #2)

    I know going by this that if you attack between steps #2 and #3 that the AC bonus will NOT carry over into step #3, but what if steps #2 and #3 are one continuous movement?

    In my view, I think this really should work since it’s one long continuous movement without being broken up by attacking or casting (etc).

  3. Chris says:

    Just like the jump rules – I think this one is ultimately a table ruling. honestly it should just be errata’d to better clarify things and be a more complete rule.

    Like the idea of jumping at the end of your movement, things get complicated when we pull our heads out of the game space and into the games reality.

  4. Sean Beever says:

    Considering a round is only six seconds long though, if I move it using evassive footwork, attack, and move out, I haven’t stooped moving at the end of my turn. Im still going, so evasive footwork should still have me covered past the end of the round?

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