How do you track HP for multiples of the same creature?

3 thoughts on “How do you track HP for multiples of the same creature?

  1. DAMON Hunter MATUS says:

    So, personally I’ve moved almost exclusively to online mediums for play, but seeing as those are more or less self explanatory I won’t go into them. Back when I was playing in person more often then not, what I used to use to mark monsters were d6s. You can buy rather large sets of tiny ones at most game shops, and in varying colors, so with that in mind if there were multiple of the same creature I would either set one or two of these d6s by them, or more often then not use them to denote monsters without figurines at all.

  2. GenQuake99 says:

    I had a DM do what DAMON Hunter MATUS said. He used dice to represent enemies. Then he would use like say D4’s are one creature time, D6’s are another, and D8’s are the 3rd type. Don’t go past that often, but you could do the same with D10, percentile, D12, & D20. Work your way through all 7 types. But yeah, if you got a few sets of the mini D6’s, that’s a cool way to mark them on the map, and then make a key on your HP tracker.

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