Ed Greenwood fantasy setting: Stormtalons!



Stormtalons! The realms you’re looking for

The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) is thrilled to announce its second setting, Stormtalons, which is the first comprehensive high fantasy world created by Ed Greenwood since the Forgotten Realms®. More than a hundred Creatives have come together to play in this new setting, fashioning their unique tales and giving life to it through words, art, leatherworking, music, and a variety of other skills.

“I have crafted many worlds, some for myself, and some shared with many. Stormtalons is important to me because it’s my chance to explore working with writing and gaming friends, and talented people new to me, so we can all play together in a big sandbox designed to accommodate all of us—AND give every reader, listener, viewer, and fan a chance to partake in all the fun.” — Ed Greenwood
With at least one new work being released every month, even the most avid gamer and the most voracious reader will find plenty to devour in this lore-rich setting riddled with adventure. Published through Mr. Greenwood’s new publishing venture, TEGG, works will never go out of print and will be available in a variety of formats for readers. Confirmed Stormtalons Creatives include fan favorites such as Chris Jackson, Julie Czerneda, Richard Lee Byers and Rosemary Jones.

Mr. Greenwood’s first novel, Words of Unbinding, will launch on August 31, 2016.

Until then, online announcements will be shared right here on Onder Librum.

… what’s that? You want to know more about the world? Well then, friends… follow us, and watch the mists rise over the next few weeks…

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