Each edition added something new, how is the need to create something new for 5e?

Hey Mike, thank you for doing this.

One of the great things that has led to the success of 5th Edition is that it takes some of the best ideas from previous editions and updates them. However, each edition added something new — how present in your mind is the need to create something new for 5e that will become part of its unique legacy down the road? (New settings, new monsters, new races, new classes, etc)

mikemearls112 points19 days ago
Nothing in the sense of a new thing for the sake of a new thing. We usually think more in terms of what players and DMs might want or need, then look at how that might manifest as a story.

Classic stuff is easier to get a handle on. People know they like Ravenloft and want it, so we tackle it.

Really, for something new I want to create – new players and DMs. Comment from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

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