Dungeons IN Dragons compendium for Extra Life!


New Artificer Subclass: the Dragon Crafter Artificer Subclass embody the dragons scholar and alchemist who tries to reproduce dragons powers and peculiarities through their spells and new draconic infusions!

1 Red Dragon Map and Adventure “Alice in Dragonland”: the real “dungeon IN dragon”, the cover boy, the adventure that will take your party INside of a living, (fire)breathing, red dragon, for one of the most dangerous and crazy adventure ever seen on the DMsGuild!
Why get into so much trouble, you ask? Well, because our fizbulous mage from da hood has lost his pseudodragon-pet, and you’re gonna get it back, on a monster filled roller-coaster ride through a big bad Red Dragon internal organs! ..what?!

3 Green Dragon Maps and Adventure Hooks: three versions of an ancient green dragon carcass used by different creature clans and tribes as their camp or den. Each version of the map is related to two different types of encounters (one of which lore-related and specifically designed to interlace with the official adventure “Tomb of Annihilation”), related adventure hooks, and different CR tiers (1-3, 4-6, 7-10)

2 New Backgrounds: enhance your game and enrich the backstory of your adventurous characters with these new dragons-related backgrounds. The Carcass Robber is a background for PCs who want to be able to sustain themselves and their party through resource extraction and management, while the Dragon Slayer background is dedicated to those looking for fortune and fame, by dealing with some of the most dangerous beasts.

New Harvesting and Crafting Rules: rules and mechanics covering one of the most desired activities players always wanted to have in this game, the chance to use big monster parts to craft weapons, items, protections and more!

New Magic Items: unleash the dragon powers thanks to the new magic items inspired by the dragon maps and encounters presented in this compendium.

New Monsters: could we miss the chance to insert some new cool monsters in a supplement called “dungeons IN dragons?! we could not indeed!

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