Does the monks slow fall ability use their movement?

One thought on “Does the monks slow fall ability use their movement?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Another case where the rules as written clearly break down when you push them too far, and yet Crawford glibly just states, “The rules are the rules”.

    There’s a technique sometimes used by grappling builds where you get a foe Grappled, then leap straight up and release the grapple, causing them to automatically take Falling Damage and land Prone.

    Now, does the grappler also take damage as they return to the earth from the same height that they dropped the enemy from?

    Well, if they split their jump into two halves, and use 50% of their jump distance to rise vertically, release the foe, and then use the other 50% of their jump distance to land again, they don’t take damage. So if they can leap 20 feet straight up, but they choose to only leap 10 feet up, drop the enemy, and “jump” another 10 feet back down, they’re fine.

    But if instead, they simply make a “shorter” jump which takes them 10 feet up and then “ends” there, well… in that case they take Falling Damage.

    This is literally a case of two identical actions having totally different results purely because they’re called different things. That’s bad game design, full stop.

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