Does Create Thrall actually obeys you?

RAW there is nothing that says that your minion from Create Thrall actually obeys you. Oversight or intend?

6 thoughts on “Does Create Thrall actually obeys you?

    • Kaz says:

      Wrong ability, this is about Create Thrall, the Great Old One Warlock’s 14th level ability, has nothing to do with undead.

  1. Andrew Robinson says:

    It’s really weak and underwhelming for a GOO’s final ability. It should at least be a strong charm like a vampire’s that makes the target consider you a good friend and take your advice in the best possible way.

  2. Kaz says:

    It’s permanent until cured though. If you’re not actively fighting someone when you use it then there’s no reason for them to hate you, and even then, there’s nothing that it says about them knowing you’ve done this to them. They just need to be incapacitated. Being unconcious also makes you incapacitated, just touch someone important that’s asleep and suddenly they find you to be very persuasive AND can hear voices in their head that could potentially sway their thoughts or drive them insane, whichever you’d prefer. The fact is that this is a very subtle ability, and people want big, powerful, instant abilities, but the great old ones are all about slowly driving people to madness.

  3. Sam says:

    though i think it should have a bit more effect, since the charmed condition can be all but ignored unless they are directly hostile to you, and the setup takes quite some time, this is a very important point to make.
    its not meant to be instant.

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