o Winter 2023 – Keys from the Golden Vault
▪ Ocean’s Eleven meets D&D in this book of short adventures revolving around heists.
o Spring 2023 – Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants
▪ A companion to last year’s Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons focused on giants.
o Summer 2023 – The Book of Many Things
▪ A collection of creatures, locations, and other goodies that are connected to the mysterious Deck of Many Things.
o Summer2023–“Phandelver Campaign”
▪ Expands the classic Lost Mine of Phandelver into a full campaign tinged with cosmic horror.
o Fall2023–“Planescape”
▪ The legendary setting returns! Like Spelljammer: Adventures in
Space, Planescape is a three-book slipcase: setting guide, bestiary, and adventure campaign

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