Could you build a long ramp with Stone Shape?

One thought on “Could you build a long ramp with Stone Shape?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Stone Shape is weird, because instead of doing what the name of the spell suggests – allowing you to reshape a given mass of stone – it instead allows you to spontaneously create or destroy stone within a given volume.

    For example…

    You can touch a 5 foot cube of space entirely filled with stone, and remove literally all of the stone from that volume to make a passage through a wall.

    You can touch a spherical boulder which fits inside a 5 foot cube and leaves empty space around it, and turn it into a block of stone that entirely fills that 5 foot cube with no empty space remaining, adding mass from nowhere.

    But you can’t take a 5 foot block of stone and turn it into a 10 foot long ramp. You can create stone from nothing or delete it from existence within the initial 5 foot cube, but you can’t reshape any amount of stone to fit outside that initial space.

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