Commander’s Strike states that you can forgo…

2 thoughts on “Commander’s Strike states that you can forgo…

  1. Robert Baxter says:

    Does the fighter with commander’s strike have to be able to attack a creature in order to use this maneuver? I ask because my fighter was not in ranger of anyone so I figured I would give the ranger another attack. The DM felt that I had to actually be able to attack a creature but I read it as I was give my attack to another character that could attack. Just curious the correct way to use this maneuver.

    • Malakyan says:

      the correct way is for you to forgo one of your attacks and use your bonus action to choose a friendly creature that can see or hear you, that ally can use his reaction to make one weapon attack

      he can attack anything as normal, he can attack creatures out of your range or even creature you didn’t even know about

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