Can paladins not have good alignment?

2 thoughts on “Can paladins not have good alignment?

  1. Alex says:

    One societies Good is another s evil. I think that generally, its more important to be lawful, in order to adhere to tenants of faith. However, the paladin class can be used to describe another alignment/deity’s champion and then be of any alignment. Do you think the Dragon, thinks the Paladin is good? The Dragon thinks the paladin is a thief and murder hobo.

    • Ryan Pipkin says:

      After looking at sources that paladins (3 hearts for three lions being my go to, but there are a few other that work) it seems far more important that a paladin be good. the fantasy for these kinds of characters are focused on morality against a backdrop of the current order of things (holgar, king arthur). Being good is essentially what drives them into being lawful, not the otherway around.

      the more modern faith/order for the sake of faith/order interpitations are what you get from hoplessly bastardizing the class with cleric for too many years, while the often overlooked portion of this discussion is that 5e no longer requires a diety for paladins either. admitably the newer interpitation of paladin isn’t necaseraly wrong or worse, but if we’re talking about the initial creation of paladins it’s to simply exist as a froce of good to be divine inteventioned in the way of something evil.

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