Can Paladin’s cleansing touch end feeblemind?

3 thoughts on “Can Paladin’s cleansing touch end feeblemind?

  1. Mike Hart says:

    Does Cleansing touch work vs. AoE spells and if so under what conditions. I.E. Evards Tentacles or Pris. Wall affects an area and you can become trapped in it. Will CT end spell and free you? If confusion is cast and affects multiple targets, if you cleanse one, does it end the spell and cleanse all?

    • tideoftime says:

      This, though, is where RAW vs RAW comes into the picture. The spell Feeblemind lists specifically the ways it can be ended/undone: a successful INT save after every 30 days; or the use of Greater Restoration, Heal or Wish. Crawford’s post is a clarification of the RAW of the paladin’s ability and the RAW of the specifics under the spell-as-written (both of which being under the “specific vs general” guideline — Crawford is clarifying that the specificity of Feeblemind supersedes that of the paladin ability). This is definitely one of those super-fine-lines where the specific delineation can be balanced on the head of pin… JC indicated which way that specificity falls, which is definitely something we all should keep in mind (even if we disagree with it… and trust me: there’s *plenty* of what JC posts where I arc an eyebrow, to say the least…)

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