4 thoughts on “Can I use a bonus action as an actual action?

  1. Matt says:

    I think that’s dumb. A bonus action takes less time than an action so theoretically in real life you can do it during an action. But an action wouldn’t be able to be used as a bonus action because it takes to long. So I think if you want to use like two bonus action cantrips you should be able to.

  2. Joalexander105 says:

    This is where Dodge,Help,Ready, comes into play. Don’t let your turn go to waste, at the very least try a dodge action or ready an action to trigger when someone/something does/says something.

    Alternatively, Work with your DM and ask if you can pull out of the turn order and pop back in where you feel like if you are going too soon.

  3. Bleizy says:

    I really don’t understand this ruling. Aside with the obvious rules of spellcasting.
    A bonus action other than a spell should be allowed if you forgo your action for it.

    The Circle of Moon druid subclass allow you to wild shape as a bonus action instead as an action, as an improvement. Meaning bonus actions are quicker than an action.

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