Can a Warlocks bond with a +1 Bow for their Pact Weapon?

One thought on “Can a Warlocks bond with a +1 Bow for their Pact Weapon?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Random Asker: “Can a +1 Bow be a Pact Weapon?”
    Supposed Expert: “Pact Weapons must be Melee”
    Total Noob: “You said elsewhere that a +1 Bow can be a Pact Weapon”
    Supposed Expert: “Oh, uhh… there’s an exception for magical weapons”

    Yes. Yes there is an exception for magical weapons. So why is it, when asked about the possibility of a MAGIC bow being a pact weapon, you responded in a way that suggested it could NOT be a pact weapon?

    Maybe he just made a simple mistake. Maybe he just wasn’t paying attention to the original question. But he makes this sort of mistake FREQUENTLY.

    If he’s going to be providing official answers to people, he really SHOULD be paying attention. And if he can’t manage to do so reliably, he really SHOULDN’T be providing such answers, because it confuses people and starts to do far more harm than good.

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