Are The Plane Shift articles considered Official Material?

CommentThe Plane Shift articles by James Wyatt…. Are they at all considered Official Material? Maybe not AL legal, but has there been any discussion about allowing them to be put on DND Beyond?

Similarly, what about longer running playtest material? I know the Revised Ranger isn’t ready yet (Or is it…? You tell me!), but after utilizing DND Beyond, it’s tough to go back to hand writing everything. Any shot of RR, Artificer or Mystic going up there with a massive asterisk saying “PLAYTEST ONLY”?

mikemearls7 points21 days ago
Planeshift is not official. It’s basically a thing James does for fun, and we don’t want to burden it with needing all the work required to make it official.

We have talked to D&D Beyond about that, and are working on something to manage playtest material with them. Will likely start much smaller than a class to kick the tires on things to start. from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

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