Action Surge and spell casting. Two spells (not cantrips) in 1 round?

4 thoughts on “Action Surge and spell casting. Two spells (not cantrips) in 1 round?

  1. tideoftime says:

    This is another example where JC *could* have stemmed a misconception/ misunderstanding that a poster (JGK, in this case, further down) is having, but didn’t because he provided an incomplete response. A sorcerer *can*, of course, cast two 1-action spells via QS — one as a BA, and a *cantrip* as an A — but not two slot-powered spells because casting a BA spell involves compressing/twisting a spell/effect to make it fast-yet-often-still-powerful/useful, but as a consequence leave less power/focus available for a second spell within the same couple of seconds (hence, cantrip-only during your turn). The distinction with a Fighter/Sorcerer, or an Eldritch Knight, is that Action Surge is by definition a “reaching past the normal limits” of what can be done, and even then it is only usable very sparingly (usually only once, then not until a Short/Long Rest, which is often hours later, vs QS which is usable more frequently and multiple times by most sorcerers as they’ll be “x” level). *That’s* the difference. While tweeting limits things, of course, the above could be related more succinctly, if less-compared as a consequence, but JC didn’t bother… so the misunderstandings/misperceptions continue….

    • Amitai Blickstein says:

      I understand the tweet, reaffirming that the RAI is the same as the RAW of PHB 102 for Quickened Spell. I do not understand where the idea that only cantrips can be used for the main action spell, however? [citation needed] please.

      • Just John says:

        If a spell is cast via a Bonus Action, any other spells cast that same turn (not round, but turn) are limited by the Bonus Action spell rule, which has been the case throughout 5E’s run so far (and is an often misunderstood rule, which is why it has to be addressed so often, including being in the “Top Ten” reminder list in Tasha’s from a couple years ago.

  2. Santiago Aisen says:

    PHB 202 (Casting a Spell: Casting Time; Bonus Action). Also in XGE 5 (Ten rules to remember: Bonus Action Spells) and TCE 5 (Ten rules to remember: Bonus Action Spells).

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