Action Surge and spell casting. Two spells (not cantrips) in 1 round?

3 thoughts on “Action Surge and spell casting. Two spells (not cantrips) in 1 round?

  1. tideoftime says:

    This is another example where JC *could* have stemmed a misconception/ misunderstanding that a poster (JGK, in this case, further down) is having, but didn’t because he provided an incomplete response. A sorcerer *can*, of course, cast two 1-action spells via QS — one as a BA, and a *cantrip* as an A — but not two slot-powered spells because casting a BA spell involves compressing/twisting a spell/effect to make it fast-yet-often-still-powerful/useful, but as a consequence leave less power/focus available for a second spell within the same couple of seconds (hence, cantrip-only during your turn). The distinction with a Fighter/Sorcerer, or an Eldritch Knight, is that Action Surge is by definition a “reaching past the normal limits” of what can be done, and even then it is only usable very sparingly (usually only once, then not until a Short/Long Rest, which is often hours later, vs QS which is usable more frequently and multiple times by most sorcerers as they’ll be “x” level). *That’s* the difference. While tweeting limits things, of course, the above could be related more succinctly, if less-compared as a consequence, but JC didn’t bother… so the misunderstandings/misperceptions continue….

    • Amitai Blickstein says:

      I understand the tweet, reaffirming that the RAI is the same as the RAW of PHB 102 for Quickened Spell. I do not understand where the idea that only cantrips can be used for the main action spell, however? [citation needed] please.

  2. Santiago Aisen says:

    PHB 202 (Casting a Spell: Casting Time; Bonus Action). Also in XGE 5 (Ten rules to remember: Bonus Action Spells) and TCE 5 (Ten rules to remember: Bonus Action Spells).

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