5 foot-radius sphere centered on a point within range, which one is correct?

2 thoughts on “5 foot-radius sphere centered on a point within range, which one is correct?

  1. Yunei says:

    Maybe there’s something I’m missing and I’ll sound silly for asking this but… I’ve played plenty of RP games (D&D etc.) and I’ve never seen movement, character placement, or any form of targeting actually use line intersections instead of the center of a square/hex. I’m sure “mathematically” the left (red) circle is distance accurate, that being said, the right (blue) circle is showing accurate target placement for the game. it’s obvious this question comes about from a player or DM wanting to know “just how squares does this 5 or 10 or 15 ft radius affect?” I’ve been looking for references on this for a game I’m in where these kind of arguments seem to happen quite often and I’m not finding any images that give a clear and correct answer.

    For example, could you please illustrate the area of effect for “Earth Tremor” (D&D 5e, lvl 1 evocation, range: self, 10 ft radius)? And please don’t draw it with the origin on a line intersection because that’s not where the character is standing.

  2. David Ellsworth says:

    My suggestion is to then use templates. Remember at least 1/2 the square needs to be within the target area. If you use a 5’radius from the center of a square not a single additional square would be affected. (none of the surrounding squares would be half or more contained within the 5′ radius). Nothing is perfect.

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