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  1. Obama white says:

    How would one go about handling cantrips in a world where resources are scarce, like in the Dark Sun setting?
    My DM is having a hard time with the idea that a magic user have an infinite amount of range ammo , while arrows and bolts are at %50 recovery ( if you don’t miss) , while being days or weeks between towns or finding resources to make more.

    The scarcity and resource management is the feeling that we are going for in this campaign setting. (Every choice counts)

    • Zofi says:

      If you’re aiming at a Dark Sun themed campaign, you might look at wild magic surges. I think adding ammo limits to cantrips is a bad idea, since that’s all a caster has to fall back on when they are out of spell slots, but wild magic surges could induce some panic of “should I cast? it might backfire on me!”. 5e has a table under the Sorcerer you can use, but the 3.5 wild magic surge is easily adaptable to 5e if you want something different. Just have the magic user roll a D20 whenever they cast a spell (could just be cantrips). If your DM wants it to be really harsh, he/she could increase the fail rate on the D20 in 5% increments. My wizard played with a 25% chance for wild magic surge on offensive spells, and it was a bit stressful (and also fun).

      If you’re set on doing ammo for cantrips, I would suggest using the same value as how many spells you can prepare. That would make it scale with your class level. I’d probably say that you get them back after a long rest.

  2. Derek says:

    How do you ask a question on Sage Advice? Why is everything only a reply to other questions?

    Does Heat Metal trigger Sanctuary?
    If my Bard casts Heat Metal on the gun of an Artificer who had cast Sanctuary on himself, does the Sanctuary trigger?

    • Zofi says:

      I would rule that Heat Metal on a gun would not trigger Sanctuary based on the wording of Sanctuary. “Until the spell ends, any CREATURE who targets the warded CREATURE with an attack of a harmful spell must first make a Wisdom saving throw.” Since Heat Metal’s target is an object, and not a creature, I would rule that it does not trigger Sanctuary. It’s a nice way to get around the warding of a creature.

  3. Verminard says:

    Would Assassinate succesfull attack roll on a surprised creature trigger the savage attack that allow me to add one additionnal damage dice roll on critical hit?

    • Obama white says:

      Yes, if an assassin hits on a surprise round it is a critical. Also going before your opponent will give you advantage = sneek attack dice.

  4. Obama white says:

    The last part of the ever smoking bottle,
    “The cloud persists as long as the bottle is open. Closing the bottle requires you to speak its command word as an action. Once the bottle is closed, the cloud disperses after 10 minutes. A moderate wind (11 to 20 miles per hour) can also disperse the smoke after 1 minute, and a strong wind (21 or more miles per hour) can do so after 1 round. ”
    Is that saying the smoke poring out of the bottle won’t dispers with strong wind as long as it’s open, or giving you 3 examples of what will make the smoke dispers?
    1) closing bottle and wait 10 min
    2) moderate wind 1 min(open or closed)
    3) strong wind 1 round(open or closed)

  5. Readying a spell has been clarified in the PHB errata (as noted here: )

    How would a situation like this apply in a non-initiative/non-combat setting? I.E. You’re having a meeting with someone who strikes you as rather suspicious, or you think may try and ambush you or pull some trickery and escape. Would I seriously have to burn a spell slot every 6 seconds, to have a Hold Person prepared to cast?

    This seems remarkably unbalanced when compared to the ability of an NPC who happens to have some Rogue levels and could go from no weapon visible to sneak attacking me with a hidden dagger for literally no cost to himself.

    • Readying an action is part of the “Actions in Combat” section of the book. It is not appropriate to use those rules for non-combat interactions, because the scope and scale of those interactions is not the same. As a DM, I would just say, “okay, you are prepared to cast a spell if things go badly.” But since you are not surprising anyone who can see you, you will end up rolling initiative as normal as soon as someone initiates a combat action (before it is resolved).

  6. Spencer Underwood says:


    One of my players in a storm Kings thunder campaign is looking to use the Fell Handed feat and I’m concerned that it didn’t list a maximum size of creature to be knocked prone. Given that other features either stop at Large or one size larger than your character I think it may have been an oversight in play testing material.

    I think if it does affect over sized creatures a check or save (see Giant Slaying sword) would be appropriate, what is your thought on the matter?


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