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  1. RidingHD103 says:

    With the mystic, you don’t have to be focusing on a discipline to se the abilities do you? (Other than the docs ability). So can I psionic focus on on disciple but “cast” off of a different on?

  2. Ethrad says:

    How does a player character interact with thrown weapons such as the Dwarven Thrower? I have a player who wants to catch thrown weapons, who isn’t a monk, and wants to prevent the thrower from returning to the opponent after an attack. How would a player catch a thrown weapon; if they need to be a monk, can the Deflect Missles feature prevent the Dwarven Thrower from returning to the user?

  3. The Dwarven Thrower’s text says “Immediately after the attack, the weapon
    flies back to your hand”. I would rule that a Monk could use his Deflect Missiles to reduce the damage of the Dwarven Thrower (even to 0 damage) but it flies back to his owner too fast for the Monk to grab it.

    Concerning the first question: he can’t, plain as day. Well, I guess the correct phrasing would be “As a DM I wouldn’t allow it”. My logic process is simple: if a class have to level up to gain some benefit, I wouldn’t allow any other character to do that same thing for free.

    • Zoltar says:

      Mighty Marty
      PHB p.125 “If you have inspiration, you can expend it when you make anattackroll,savingthrow,orabilitycheck.”

      So yes, you can use on death saving throws

  4. Alex says:

    How do you make sense of a battle master running out of superiority dice? I know it’s there for balance purposes, but I just can’t make see it. A mage eventually becomes too taxed to cast another spell and that makes sense. A battle master doesn’t just lose his tactical abilities.

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