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  1. Alex says:

    Indomitable Might q. It says that if your strength check is less than your Strength score you can use that score in place of the total. Let’s say a Barbarian has proficiency in athletics and a strength of 18 for a bonus of +10. He rolls a grapple (athletics) check 4 + 10 for 14. Does his new total for the grapple from Indomitable Might make it 18 or is it 18 + athletics? Sorry for the long question.

  2. KazinFlynn says:

    Let me see if I got this right… If attacking with flame blade is the same as casting a spell, then duel classing with Sorcerer could work? Spend sorcerer points on quicken spell to use flame blade as a bonus attack, and then use flame blade as your main attack. Can that be done? Or use sorc points on twine to target two foes in melee range with one attack?

    • It is not the same as casting a spell. It is just using an action AS PART of a spell to make an attack. The make up for the fact that you can only ever do it once per round by giving it 3d6 damage for a one handed weapon (meaning you can wield a sheild and the flame blade at the same time, while doing as much damage as 2 short sword attacks). You can still take sorcerer and quicken an eldritch blast THEN attack with flame blade.

  3. KazinFlynn says:

    you are right, it is not the same as casting a spell, this changes the answer to the previous question. Look on the pdf file for the answer given concerns two spells “green flame blade”, and “booming blade” which both require you to make a melee attack as part of casting the spell. That is why the extra attack and such do not work. “Flame blade” is completely different because the spell is already cast and attacking does not require further casting of the spell. Read the rules on the pfd file under “opertunity attack” by attacking you are NOT casting the spell. The actions are different. Flame blade is not the same as green flame blade. One rule on that same page says “a melee spell attack is indeed a melee attack” another reference is the opportunity attack which states that a melee spell attack can be used for opportunity attack if the attack action does not require you to cast a spell. With flame blade the spell is already cast and you are performing an attack with out the need to recast the spell. “Flame blade” is NOT the same thing as “green flame blade” They are completely different spells and activated differently. When you attack with the “Flame Blade” you are not casting a spell, when you attack with “green flame blade” or “booming blade” you are casting a spell with the attack. Different spells use different rules.

  4. KazinFlynn says:

    once the spell has been cast, attack does not require you to cast the spell. You are using a melee attack without casting the spell.

  5. In order for it to function as you are suggesting, it would need to say, “When you take the Attack Action, you can wield the fiery blade to make a spell attack. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 fire damage. ”

    A lot of things require you to spend an action to trigger them. Just because it requires an action, and involves an attack, does not mean it calls for the Attack Action. Multiattack is a perfect example. That is a feature that monsters get that grants them multiple attacks. Using that feature is not the same as taking the attack action.

    • KazinFlynn says:

      Yes it says “you can use your action to make a melee spell attack, on hit….” Use your action to attack, not cast. Attack action. If you are not casting the spell when you attack then it is an attack action. You are holding in your hand a scimitar and you use your action to attack with that weapon, with no need to cast during the attack. You are taking an attack action with a held weapon. The beast can use a melee spell attack as an opportunity attack because the melee spell attack does not require casting a spell. Which means that the flame blade can be used as an opportunity attack too. And other such things. I have searched and searched the web and this is an ongoing debate that goes back to 2014 with no final answer. It would be nice to get a final official answer. But I can’t seem to contact master Jeremy, or find any posts by him about the subject. Maybe this could be a topic on a future home page post.

  6. Drovir says:

    Hi there, I recently leveled up to 5 in dnd5e and my char is a drow cleric of trickery. Was wondering If it would be viable to multiclass into fighter or rogue for more action options considering my str and dex are both 15 and my wis/char is 18. Pretty much would like to be both a Caster and do weapon dmg. Any tips or insight be appreciated. Thank you

    • Zoltar says:

      Heroic Drovir
      I’ve an elf cleric of trickery too and I’v multiclassed it with a Fighter Eldritch Knight with a Two handed sword and long bow. You have cleric and wizard spells, maybe is not too effective but is a very Jack of all trades, especially when you can cast evocation spell with your Invoke Duplicity.

      • Drovir says:

        Thanks for those tips and yeah the duplicity is wonderful. I also have a rogue drow in the group who is my brother role playing so I help boost him at times. But fighter was my first thought. Prob dip into at level 6 so I don’t lose out on the prof boost and domain spells

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