Zoltar Sage Advice portrait change!


Today is an important day for me because sageadvice.eu will have a little earthquake.

When I started this website I had no idea that it would be so successful and, at the beginning, I chose a picture from the internet to represent my avatar: this portrait represents the Dungeon Master character from Dungeons&Dragons animated series from the ‘80s.

The avatar that I have always used is not mine, I do not have the copyright to use the image and I can no longer use it for this site.

So I decided to look for a good illustrator who could design a new avatar. As with every adventure the search was not an easy task, because my objective was to make a portrait different but similar to the one I had. At last I’ve found Salah a talented illustrator that patiently followed my requests.
In the next days I will be showing you the drawings of the new avatar of Sage Advice and the final result, that I hope you will enjoy because I love it!
Here are the two sketches of the new portrait!

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