Zoltar Sage Advice @GameholeCon 2017!

Last year was a blast , so I decided to take an airplane from Italy (where I live) and come back to the glorious GameHoleCon 5!
From Nov. 3rd  to 5th, I’ll be there, meet all D&D Rockstars : Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, Chris Lindsay, Ed Greenwood, Patrick Rothfuss, David “Zeb” Cook, Larry Elmore,  Jeff Easley, Satine Phoenix, Bill Cavalier, Gygax bros, Jeff Grubb, Doug Niles, Steven SchendAND YOU!

If you see a guy with SageAdvice Badge, please say “HI Zoltar!” and I’ll be happy to thank you with my typical Italian accent and my terrible english.  

See you at GameholeCon!

your humble zoltar

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