Will participating in 1 round of combat break a short/long rest?

4 thoughts on “Will participating in 1 round of combat break a short/long rest?

  1. Pete G says:

    So… One round of combat is 6 seconds. A combat could last 599 rounds and not interrupt the rest? That doesn’t make sense.

    • tideoftime says:

      In Re: breaking up the respective Rests. The one round of interruption for a SR is due to the nature of a SR — it is a much smaller, less of a “shut down” period and therefore more easily disrupted for its intended outcome/effect. A LR is (for most creatures) at least 8 hours is duration (longer, per DM discretion as noted by JC in other tweets and by the verbiage of how Rests work), and can consequently withstand a greater degree of interruption. (It’s like how someone might go to sleep for a few hours, have to wake up because the phone rang and they had to talk to someone for a while or alternately wake up to deal with a short emergency (a pipe cracking/spurting… I speak from experience…) and having to take time to deal with shutting off water to that line/area and clean up some of the mess; if this takes less than an hour to accomplish, the creature can go back to sleep for some more hours and wake up having completed “a long rest”. Any major interruption of a SR, however — even a “round of combat”, causes the SR to have to be restarted again.) it actually makes a great deal of intuitive sense.

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