Which previous edition of D&D has the most influence on 5th edition?

CommentWhich previous edition of D&D has the most influence on final 5th edition rule set? Some will say 1e/2e and another will say 3e.
Can you summarize which edition is contained in D&D 5th edition by percentages?
1e __%
2e _%
3e _%
3.5e _%
4e __%It’s hard to answer that question, because I don’t think we ever had that approach. An easy copy out would be to label them all equally, but I think that in terms of effect I’d break it out into:
Speed of play
Flexibility for DMs and players
Clear core rules
Robust mathematical underpinnings
Depending on your POV, each of those had various contributions from each edition.
3e is probably the most recognizable, due to its influence on the core rules, while 2e shines through in our approach to world and roleplay. 4e is embedded in a lot of the systems, while 1e is there in our approach to empowering DMs. from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, Co-Designer of D&D 5, Head of D&D R&D.

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