When Tieflings die what happens to them in your worlds?

One thought on “When Tieflings die what happens to them in your worlds?

  1. D. Walker says:

    This does raise the question over which deities have jursidiction over the dead.

    Kelemvor is the Judge of the The Dead, and we know souls are routed to the Fugue Plane first, to await their judgement. But which souls, exactly?

    See, Kelemvor is a deity of the Faerunian Pantheon. But there are other deities out there, in other Pantheons. So… what determines which pantheon has jurisdiction over which dead people’s souls?

    And what about pantheons that lack gods of the dead? For example, Lizardfolk only really have one god of their own, which has nothing to do with death, and it actually doesn’t care what happens to them. Where do their souls go?

    Does a god of the dead from another Pantheon take charge of them? How does that work out, if they live in an area where multiple pantheons with death gods have sway, but they themselves don’t worship any of those pantheons?

    Do they just get snatched up by whichever god can grab them first? Their own pantheon doesn’t care what happens to them, so… presumably the gods of other pantheons would happily steal their souls for their own uses…

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