What is your favorite ability from 5e?

CommentI’ve been playing 5e with my friends for over a year now thanks to the playtests and we’ve already houseruled a few things back in (expertise dice instead of proficiency to skills for example) but I have two major questions:
The Draconic bloodline sorceror adds damage to their relevant damage type. Say we have a red dragon sorceror who casts Wall of Fire. Do they add charisma to each tick of it , or just the damage dealt on cast. Do they also add damage for each individual hit of Scorching Ray?
Do teleportation effects like Dimension Door and Misty Step automatically break grapple? What about non-spell like abilities like the Shadow Monks shadow teleportation.
Also, what is your favorite ability from 5e. For me, it’s the Bend Luck feature for Wild Magic Sorcerors (lots of fun to make creatures fail their saves).
I believe it is the damage dealt on casting.
I’d say any teleportation breaks a grapple, unless it brings everyone grappling along for the ride.
Favorite ability: I love the rogue’s cunning action. Makes them feel tricky, like they always have something up their sleeve. from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, Co-Designer of D&D 5, Head of D&D R&D.

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