One thought on “What is the difference between spikes and pitons?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Coming to this a few years late, but iron spikes are a yet another Trap Items that shouldn’t be in the game because they’re Bad Game Design™.

    Pitons cost half as much, weigh half as much, and do everything an iron spike can do while ALSO having loops for ropes. They are flatly superior in every regard, and there’s absolutely no reason to ever buy iron spikes.

    Iron spikes are the Adventuring Gear equivalent of a Trident or Morningstar – woefully inferior items that you would never have any sane reason to take, unless you’ve got both a very particular aesthetic desire AND a very unreasonable DM.

    Always buy pitons; never buy iron spikes. Pretend their PHB entry doesn’t exist, because it -shouldn’t- exist. Pitons literally ARE iron spikes, just with rope loops.

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