What is an example rule that filters out toxic players?

One thought on “What is an example rule that filters out toxic players?

  1. D. Walker says:

    I feel like PHB + 1 has a limited shelf life, and that as they put out more books, the pressure inevitably mounts to change it to something like PHB +2, or PHB + (Insert New-But-Indispensible Book Here) + 1.

    I actually feel like we’re just about at that point with Zanathar’s Guide To Everything. It’s just going to be way too vital a resource to not be counted as default. Treating it as the “+1” would be horribly limiting for people who want to play anything other than the standard races, for example.

    “What’s that? You want to play a Goliath or Tabaxi or a Lizardfolk from Volo’s Guide? Well then 25+ subclasses aren’t available to you. Why? No particular reason. Also if you pick a spellcasting class, you don’t get any new or revised spells. Why? No reason. Your friends all get to play with the new classes and spells, because they picked Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, but you get punished for wanting to play a slightly more exotic race. Enjoy!”

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