What happens to a warlock who disobeys their patron?

can’t? Why not? Made deal. Break deal = collect soul, or at least cut off power at an unopportune moment. Like electric company Warlocks *learn* abilities and magic from their patrons. The fluff isn’t like a cleric/deity, but student/teacher.

2 thoughts on “What happens to a warlock who disobeys their patron?

  1. Terror says:

    @Matt Petruzzeli Doesn’t really matter what you DM.

    That’s fine and you can do that, but the question here is what is the canon rules are written.

    Any DM can run it how they like ofcourse, but that is homebrewed.

    And it’s written quite clearly as the fact they LEARN abilities.

    Which is a relief to me, gives me hope that warlocks aren’t so lame, they aren’t being given power, just got a really enlightened teacher.

    • the counter argument here though is a DM needs to be wise enough to have patron part of locks story. the bam you have power and never show up again is by definition against the student/mentor ideals

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