Warlock Patron: Lolth, The Spider Queen – by Mike Mearls

3 thoughts on “Warlock Patron: Lolth, The Spider Queen – by Mike Mearls

  1. Bonnard Khan says:

    How? It’s literally just a shape change into a single type of cr 1 creature that’s only perk is scaling with you… Yeah a druid has to wait, but when you’re only going with a single shape that’s anything but radical. But hey, way to jab at a free target. Chump.

  2. Nick says:

    Has there been an update/errata to this patron? As written, the ‘Expanded Spells’ feature adds a bunch of spells to the warlock’s spell list (Darkness, Fear, Vampiric Touch, Dimension Door, Hold Monster) which are… already on the warlock spell list!

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