The ranger class is getting some changes in D&D (???)

3 thoughts on “The ranger class is getting some changes in D&D (???)

  1. D. Walker says:

    “Our plans for the ranger class haven’t changed.”

    It seems like a huge number of players WANT them to change their plans for the plans, so I really struggle to understand why they are so resistant to the idea.

    I know they have their argument, that you can’t just change the books that are already printed. Except there’s a thing called errata – they could easily release a free online supplement which sets down the new standard official ranger and makes the old rules in the core book into the “optional” variant.

    Surely that covers all the bases?

  2. stadi says:

    I almost had hope. Why is it so hard to admit that they made a mistake with the ranger? almost everyone hates it, almost everyone uses the Revised Ranger instead, Larian also says the Ranger sucks, so what’S wrong with them?

  3. Rick Underwood says:

    I don’t see how the ranger class needs change. The rangers in the three groups I play in are strong characters in combat and the players use their abilities for role playing and exploration. They’re not just dex fighters!

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