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  1. Gabriel Russell says:

    For starting armor you choose either [a] Leather or [b] Studded leather. Not really a choice, studded is definitively better.

    • Kyle W Linger says:

      I think that’s a misprint, personally. Change studded leather to scale mail for medium armor mystics and it’s in-line with the PHB classes.

  2. Jaqueline says:

    Why can’t this spellcaster class use spells above 5th level (7 psi points = 5th lvl strength)

    A wizard is better at psychic themed powers than a mystic :c
    -our rewrite memory isn’t permanent
    -our teleportation cannot exceed 1 mile, not even a plane shift like all other spellcasters,
    -we can’t feeblemind people or put a geas on them
    -it’s like the psion is an spellcasting jack of all trade master of none whereas a wizard who can also do all these things but with access to more powerful spells (6-9th level)

    or am I mistaken in my assumption that this mystic class is not a spellcaster class?

    • Zoltar says:

      Brave Jaqueline

      my advice is to ask directly to Mystic creators Master Jeremy&Mike otherwise write in the next survey.
      Unfortunately I’m not a dnd designer

    • Zoltar says:

      Brave Jaqueline

      my advice is to ask directly to Mystic creators Master Jeremy&Mike otherwise write in the next survey.
      Unfortunately, I’m not a dnd designer

    • Aviose says:

      They don’t use spells above 5th level with normal psi-points. This is because they are already treading some precarious ground in design when it comes to a class that can just sacrifice its points to cast at any level. The special points given for the Psionic Mastery skill are their effective equivalent to casting higher level spells in order to keep them separate from the standard pool. It is a similar design to the way the Warlock was implemented (for similar reasons).

      No, I’m not a developer, so my response shouldn’t be considered the be-all end-all, but it is in line with their choices for the most similar class to it (warlock).

      • Nate says:

        Do you how the psionic mastery feature is supposed to function? The feature doesn’t really make sense to me. It just sounds like more psi points that you need to spend actions to get.

    • Wanderer says:

      Why would you want a class that does what multiple other classes can do ? I think the design is very versatile and fits a spot that the previous editions Psion class fit, the design is well thought out. If you want to travel to their planes get a magic item, be a spell caster or just bring one along with you. One character doesn’t have to fill the role of the whole party.

  3. Nathan says:

    Does the Discipline Attack Modifier apply to attacks made by the target of Psionic Weapon or Nomadic Arrow’s Psychic Focus effect? Is the Mystic’s Int mod added to damage for attacks considered psychic damage? The end part of the Psychic Focus for Psionic Weapon makes me wonder since it specifically says not to add Str/Dex mods to the damage for attacks made with this weapon until level 6. Makes me think the Int mod should fill in at that point in time, and then I wonder if the two mods would then stack at level 6 or you would take the greater of the two.

    • Nathan says:

      Edit: I meant the targeted weapon (or unarmed strike) from the Psychic Focus on Psionic Weapon, and the weapon that gains the psychich damage from Nomadic Arrow’s Speed Dart ability. I guess, that would include melee attacks benefiting from Lethal Strikes.

  4. Joshua Newport says:

    Hello Sage, I’m looking at the latest version of the Mystic Class at the Order of the Immortal, specifically Immortal Durability. This ability seems superficially similar to a Barbarian or Monk’s Unarmored Defense, but while in those cases it’s standard 10+Dex+(key class stat – Con for Barbarians, Wisdom for Monks) Immortal doesn’t use Intelligence but rather Constitution introducing a bit of MADness. Why is this?

    Also, the Unarmored Defense type ability seems a better fit to me on the Soulknife rather than the Immortal… would it kill balance to swap Immortal Durability onto the Soulknife and give the Immortal the Soulknife’s Martial Training which to me seems a better fit on the Immortal?

      • Hello Zoltar,

        When I mentioned in my question that I was looking at the latest version of the Mystic, the one you linked to was actually already the one I was looking at and the one that sparked the question. I quote from the document you linked to, “Immortal Durability
        Starting at 1st level, your hit point maximum increases by 1 per mystic level.
        In addition, while you aren’t wearing armor or wielding a shield, your base AC equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Constitution modifier.”

        As far as asking Jeremy Crawford or Mike Mearls directly… Isn’t it Jeremy Crawford that responds to Sage Advice generally? That’s part of why I came here.

        Thank you for your kind reply though,


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