The Border Kingdoms: A Forgotten Realms Campaign Supplement!

THE BORDER KINGDOMS book just went live on the DM’s Guild.
• Over 100 pages of lore about the Border Kingdoms
• A beautiful new map of the Border Kingdoms by Mike Schley
11 new and fully Adventures League legal character backgrounds
• Dozens of brand new illustrations
• Brand new campaign hooks
Lore by the amazing Ed Greenwood and Alex Kammer
It is all 100% AL legal and sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast.

THE BORDER KINGDOMS is an officially-approved Wizards of the Coast release, meaning that its content is Adventurers League legal and all the lore contained in the book is official Forgotten Realms canon!

THE BORDER KINGDOMS is a valuable resource for Dungeon Masters and players alike. In addition to describing the people and places of the Border Kingdoms, this book contains enough adventure hooks and lore to keep adventuring parties busy for years.

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