The Booming Blade spell continues to work with the War Caster feat

2 thoughts on “The Booming Blade spell continues to work with the War Caster feat

  1. D. Walker says:

    “The Green-Flame Blade spell continues to work with War Caster if you forgo targeting a second creature with the green fire.”

    Yes, of course – just sacrifice MORE THAN HALF of the spell’s damage! (A full 62.5% assuming average damage from dice and an average +3 spell modifier.)

    Seriously, how dense can Crawford possibly be? Who does he imagine will find that tradeoff remotely acceptable? People are just going to stop using the spell, and use something else instead.

    Booming Blade was already arguably flatly superior because it either focuses its extra damage on a single target (the action economy massively incentives trying to finish off one target rather than splitting damage between two), or it forces them to sacrifice their movement to avoid the extra damage. Additionally, BB dealing 1d8 extra damage instead of +Spellcasting Modifier is also better on average unless you have a 20 in your stat for a +5 bonus, and even then the ability to roll higher still counterbalances the 0.5 damage average difference.

    This now makes Green-Flame Blade effectively useless for any spellcaster who wants to be able to cast a battle cantrip with both hands full.

    …and since it’s a spell designed SPECIFICALLY FOR MELEE SPELLCASTERS, who either will want to use a shield because they DESPERATELY need all the AC they can get, or will want to use a two-handed weapon to maximize damage, there’s now simply no reason to ever use Green-Flame Blade anymore. Booming Blade is just so much better now, in basically every way possible.

    Who looks at this design philosophy and thinks it makes sense, or is good for the game? Why does Crawford not get more pushback on this from his colleagues? Or does he actually, but he somehow manages to ignore it?

    • Though I get what you’re saying, JC is just noting/balancing GFB, in that context, against the limitation as-noted for WC: there can be no additional damage/effect beyond targeting a single triggering creature via WC. He’s not “wrong” or anything in that regard, but is correctly noting how the rules/metaphysics of the spell and feat interact with each other. It’s not so much a “call” on his part as his noting correctly the rules/metaphysics established in the game.

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