Free Official D&D adventure set on Ixalan from Magic: The Gathering!


This is a big news for all of Magic fans and D&D Jungle explorers! (are you still in Chult?)
This is the first Dungeons & Dragons adventure set on the plane of IXALAN from Magic: The Gathering

DOWNLOAD here for Free

A prison escape for an unlikely group of heroes turns into a race for an ancient relic sought by the Legion of Dusk. Can you brave the unknown and capture the treasure before the enemy does?
Could be a real Plane shift with your Chult adventure, no?

  • There are a lot of illustrations from Ixalan MtG world
  • 6 pre-generated character sheet
  • Map of Ixalan

This adventure uses Magic: The Gathering cards to help build momentum toward adventure progression, and to reward interactive play.

It uses 4th-level characters provided with the adventure.

D&D Druids don’t work like MagicTG Druids/Shamans, is there a way you could alleviate that?

UPDATE – Chris Perkins at Pax this week: Acq. Inc., DMing and Magic/DnD panel